Economics & Technologies

Forest Development & Silviculture

Besides selectively harvesting the forest to extract the timber, KPKKT is obliged under its agreement to carry out reforestation program and silvicultural treatment of the logged and poor forests.

Forest Development and Planting

Planting is carry out for poor and understocked as well as in any logged-over areas any open areas . Tree seedlings of selected species  are planted at   fixed interval spacing or along imaginary lines Spacing between plant normally 3 m x 3 m or 3 m x 10 m.

The species that are planted include Shorea leprosula (meranti tembaga), S.parvifolia (meranti sarang punai), S.platyclados (meranti bukit), Anisoptera sp. (mersawa), Dryobalanops aromatica (kapur), Scaphium sp. (kembang semangkuk) and Dyera costulata (jelutong) and Calamus manan.