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Forestry’s Roles & Economic Contribution

Forestry sector remains as one of Malaysia's main revenue, earnest for many years now. The high value tropical handwood timber is harversted, on a sustainable basis from mainly the lowland and hill diptrerocarp forests as well as the peat swamp forest. Some of the highly valued timbers come from the following species: chengal(Neobalanocarpus heimii), Meranti and Balau (Shorea spp) Keruing (Diptenocarpu sp), Merbau(tatsia palembamia), Bitis, Nyatoh(Palaquium sp)and some others.

The forest plays a vital role in socio-economic development from the aspects of foreign exchange, country’s and workers revenue. It has contributed over 200,000 of jobs to the communities and RM13.12 billion to the country as export revenue. Source of exports are in the form of sawn timber, plywood, veneer and furnitures. The revenue is collected from royalties, premium, levy and other sources such as compounds, licenses and services fees.

Forest Concession
Dungun Timber Complex (DTC)
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Cherul Forest Concession (CFC)
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Forest Management Plan
Forest Management Plan
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Planting And Rehabilitation
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