About HCVF

KPKKT is fully aware of its responsibility as one of the guardians for the Malaysian tropical rain forest and to wisely manage the invaluable resource in perpetuity so as to impart the maximum benefit to the stakeholders while being fully committed to the cause of conservation of biodiversity and protection of the environment.  Under the circumstance; the identification, delineation and proactive and scientific management for the HCVFs are but the beginning of our long term and continuing journey towards fulfilling our responsibility in this direction.

The Management Plan for the HCVF will continue to be revised and refined from time to time with the help of Foresting Department and relevent NGO; to accommodate new ideas in this field and findings from the field.  It is our policy also to upgrade our professional and technical capabilities so as to enable the company to face future challenges and demand in tropical forest resource management.
HCVF Defined
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HCVF Management Plan
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