Past research has revealed the extreme richness of flora that is complemented with similar richness in fauna biodiversity. For example; a total of 51 species of mammals and 184 species of birds including hornbills were recorded in the area besides a variety of reptiles, fishes and insect species, which in turn lend the area to high commercial, scientific and tourism potentials, especially by virtue of its proximity to the National Park “Taman Negara”. 

A rapid assessment on wildlife’s occurrence and abundance was done during the establishment and inventory of the permanent sample plots in 2001 and their subsequent re-establishment in 2006. Based on the survey reports, there were significant numbers of large mammals recorded. Large mammals most commonly found were elephants, tigers, gaurs, deer, tapir and wild boars.  Gibbons, monkeys, sambar deer, barking deer and mousedeer were also recorded. There were also sightings of sun bear.

One of the forest attributes that has been defined by KPKKT thus warranting HCVF status is the supports for several regionally significant species of wildlife in natural environment such as tigers, seladang, elephants, deers, rodents, birds,
herpetofauna, etc. Through our prudent management of the forest area and a judicious application of the SMS and RIL, we are confident that these biodiversity could be preserved and enhanced over the long term.

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