Among the main aims of KPKKT include the followings, which are very much in conformity with the requirements of SFM, MC & I and FSC:

  1. To manage the forest; its biodiversity, functions and services as multifunctional resources; in such a way as to ensure that their values (be they economic, scientific, social, cultural, etc) are safeguarded and continuously upgraded in perpetuity, both qualitatively and quantitatively;
  2. To develop and promote harvesting techniques which are environmental-friendly, economically-viable, technically-sound as well as socially-acceptable;
  3. To help uplift the economy and social status of Bumiputera community in the region through the creation of employment and business opportunities as well as good coorperate neighbourliness;
  4. To foster better professional ethics and business goodwill with stakeholders, thereby leading to appropriate recognition by the relevant international and local certiying bodies of the SFM as subscribed and practiced by KPKKT.

The strategic approach towards achieving SFM and safeguarding of the multiplicity of forest goofs and services are by:

  1. Assess the current position with regard to prevailing local ecoligal and biological productivity within the context of current and future social and economic scenarios;
  2. Taking stock from past experiances (achievements as well as failures) and useing these knowledge to formulate plans and operational guidelines for future sustainability and growth in accordance with established management standards;
  3. Incorporating corresponding protection measures designed to mitigate the potential negative impacts of the various SFM operations.

In forestry in Malaysia, the "Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities)(Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 1987 (EQO) of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 (Act 127)(Pindaan 2001) requires that an EIA for forestry activities to be carried out and EIS prepared under a wide range of circumstances, of which, the following are partly relevant to the FMU under consideration:

  1. Logging an area of 500 ha or more [note: since most of the forest compartments within the Project Area covers less than 500ha in extent, this provision is only relevant in very few instances];
  2. Logging or conversion of forest land into other land uses within the catchment area or reservoirs used for municipal water supply, irrigation or hydro-power generation or areas adjacent to national and state parks and national marines parks.


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