Dungun Timber Complex (DTC)

Physical Environment

The 106,697 ha DTC is located about 120km to the southwest of the State capital Kuala Terengganu, in the administrative district of Dungun, and mainly in the Forest District of South Terengganu (Fig. 1). The area consists of 6 Permanent Reserved Forests (PRFs) which are located north, west and east of the Sungai Dungun Valley.  They are Jengai PRF (51,840 ha), Besul PRF (6,270 ha), Jerangau PRF (9,810 ha), Pasir Raja Barat PRF (6,547 ha), Pasir Raja Selatan PRF (31,712 ha), and Besul Tambahan PRF (518 ha).

The area has a typical tropical monsoon climate with uniformly high temperatures (from 24.2°C to 29.9°C), high humidity (from 70% to 98%) and a relatively high rainfall of up to in excess of 4,000mm per year.  Consequently the proportion of really productive working days in the forest may range between 30% to 40% only per year.  Logging activities practically come to a halt from November (or as early as August) through to late January.  The driest months usually occur around February to April.





Fig. 1





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