Forest Resource Management

The forest types found in DTC and CFC generally conform with those described by Wyatt-Smith (1963).  The major forest types found are the Lowland Dipterocarp, Hill Dipterocarp, Upper Hill Dipterocarp and Lower Montane Forest.  The single most valuable and largest family is the Dipterocarpaceae family, accounting for on the average 30 - 50% of the volume of all trees above 50 cm dbh in a virgin forest.  The major species group occurring are the Shoreas and  Dipterocarpus with also occasionally large volume of Dryobalanops and Balanocarpus hemii.  The balance of exploitable volume are from the non-dipterocarp, mainly from the Leguminosae, Sapotaceae, Burseraceae, Anacardiaceae, Myristicaceae and others.


KPKKT's concession areas consists of both productive and protective forests.  In the current management, about 20% of the areas are set aside for protection purpose, mainly for soil and water conservation. Currently, most of the low-lying hills and lowlands especially to the north and west of DTC have been harvested, accounting for approximately two-third of the concession.  The remaining unlogged productive forest is mainly to the east and situated on higher altitude and steeper terrain. 

Annual Allowable Cut & Forest Yield

The calculation of sustainable AAC for KPPKT was based on the present Selective Management System (SMS), and has been determined of about 2,860 hectares (inclusives of both DTC and CFC). Currently KPKKT is still selectively harvesting the timbers from the virgin forest into DTC before the first cycle of SMS is completed. 

Forest Yield

KPKKT concession areas can be categorized into Superior, Good and Moderate, based on the standard used in the Third National Forestry Inventory as practiced by the Forestry Department.  The areas under Superior, Good and Moderate are almost in equal proportions.

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