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KPKKT is blessed in the sense that it has a concession area, which is large enough for the application of an economic and strategic planning for harvesting and forest regeneration. Basically these two activities are the main determinants of forest production over a given managed forest areas. In this respect KPKKT has actually capitalized on it and has strategies its forestry operations in a prepared 10 - years Forest Management Plan. 

Nevertheless, Forest Management Plan is something, which needs to adapt over time. As such a more comprehensive Forest Management Plan is currently being completed with greater emphasis on sustainable multi resource forest ecosystem management for the production of not only timber resource but of a varied forest goods and services. As opposed to the traditional management which emphasis on sustained-yield timber production. The New Forest Management Plan is currently being prepared under the Malaysian-German Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation Project in which KPKKT is the pilot Forest Management Unit (FMU). Based on the original Forest Management Plan the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) for KPKKT concession has been fixed at 3,200 ha.

The Forest Management Plan basically represents the first stage of planning on a FMU Level. The plan described the management system to be applied and basically the compartments earmarked for harvesting according to the specific year. It also briefly described the requirements and basic process for harvesting planning at the smallest management unit which is the compartment. 

Since at present, in the Peninsular Malaysia situation the FMU refers to the State, irrespective of size. Thus the whole of Terengganu is a FMU. Therefore in the following discussion, the KPKKT forest is referred to as the concession. 

Forest Legislation

The planning process is firstly guided by the National Forestry Act 1984 (Amendment 1993), where under Section 20(b) it calls into effect the need to prepare a Forest Management Plan or Harvesting Plan if required by the State Forestry Director.  Apart from the Forest Management Plan and Harvesting Plan the planning process is also guided by the terms of the concession agreement between KPKKT and the State Government of Terengganu, terms and condition of the license and lastly the Code of Best Practices for Harvesting in Inland Forest of Peninsular Malaysia.

Organization Setup & Role

Harvesting planning in KPKKT is carried out jointly between KPKKT, the District Forest Office (DFO) and State Forest Office of Terengganu.(SFO). 

    In the KPKKT set up planning of harvesting operation is carried out by the Forestry Operation section headed by the Forest Manager for Operation.  Where as the implementation and control of harvesting operations are divided into three zones, respectively the south, west and Cherul zone, each headed by an Assistant Forest Manager.
  • District and State Forestry Department
    The concession comes under the jurisdiction of two districts, the District Forest Office of South Terengganu and West Terengganu. The major part, approximately 80% of the concessions are located in the Forest District of South Terengganu and the balance in the Forest District of West Terengganu.  Both the districts come under the charge of the State Forest Officer of Terengganu.  The District Forest Offices roles are towards control and regulation especially of the field planning process.  Whereas the State Forest Office enforce and endorse the whole planning process as required by State and Federal Authority

The Planning Process
The flowchart of the complete planning process is differentiating between office procedures and field operations. The task of the various procedures and operations among KPKKT, District Forest Office (DFO) and State Forest Department (SFO) are also identified. The flow chart depicting the procedures and operations are as shown in Annex 1. Each steps of the planning process are described as below. 

  1. 5-Years Working Plan (KPKKT)
    From the 10 - year Forest Management Plan, the first and second 5 - Year Working Plan is then formulated.  This plan will actually cover a comprehensive plan covering all forestry planning activities, estimated cost covering administration, capital and production cost and also estimated net income for a given 5 year period.  This is in line with term and agreement spells out in the contract agreement between KPKKT and the Terengganu State Forestry Department.  This 5-year plan required endorsement from the State Forestry Department before due for implementation.  
  2. Annual Working Plan (KPKKT)
    From the approved 5-Year Working Plan, the plan is further breakdown into Annual Working Plan.  This Annual Working Plan consist of all set of forestry planning and silviculture activities that has to be prepared in advance before actual logging operation in the following year.  The activities covers in the Annual Working Plan are as follows:-


3. Forest Harvesting Plan
    The Forest Harvesting Plan will constitute the final document in the harvesting planning which will be submitted to the     District Forest Officer before the issuance of the logging licence.  It shall include the following sub-documents and           information: 

  1. Basic information of the licensee and sub-contractor
  2. Basic information of the logging block
  3. Summary of the tree marking result in total number of trees tag for felling, total extractable volume, numbers of seed trees and numbers of sectional logs expected from the area as endorsed by the District Forest Officer
  4. Cutting limit prescription separately for Dipterocarp and Non-Dipterocarp
  5. List and numbers of machinery which include Bulldozer, San Tai Wong, Log-Loader, Grader, and 4 wheel drive
  6. Length and alignment of access road, Main road or secondary road and Size of Log Landing as approved by Forest Engineer
  7. Basic information of workers

Other related document submitted to DFO includes the following:

  1. A full list of the marked trees to include the serial number of the tags, local name of the trees, diameter at breast height, number of sectional logs.  To include all trees marked for felling, seed trees and protected trees.
  • A map of scale 1:5000 showing the access road, main/secondary road, skid trails, location of Log Landing, location of workers quarters.

4. Issuance on Logging Licensce
The Plan is then submitted to the District Forest Officer (DFO), who will check it for compliance to the guidelines set in the Code of Best Practices for Forest Harvesting in Inland Forest of Peninsular Malaysia. The DFO then gives its comment and recommendation for submission to the State Forest Officer (SFO) for approval. Before any forms of earthwork are allowed to commence in the logging compartment, the Plan must be approved. After the acceptance and approval of the Forest Harvesting Plan, the Logging Licence of the Compartment will be issued. 

The logging license basically gives authority to the license to harvest and removed marked logs from the forest to the processing mills after paying taxes in the form of royalty. The license also binds licencee legally so as to ensure that the licencee carry out the harvesting according to the rules and guidelines approved by the Forestry Authority. 

  • Appointment of KPKKT Logging Contractor
    With the issuance of the licence, the potential registered KPKKT contractors are called for a negotiated tender.  The tender process is more effective when the contractors have the privilege of going through the Forest Harvesting Plan, the approved road alignment and information of the number of trees and estimated production according to species.  The negotiated tender basically fixed the contract price for all harvesting activities in the said compartment.  Once the price has been agreed upon an agreement is signed between KPKKT and the contractor and work immediately commenced.


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