Forest Management System

Forest Management System

The management system has evolved from the single cycle Malayan Uniform System with a 50 years rotation practiced mainly in the rich and easily regenerated Lowland Dipterocarp Forest, to the present Selective Management System with a rotation of 30 years, which is meant to address the problem of inadequate natural regeneration in the hill forest.  Consequently, the Selective Management System (SMS) was adopted and practiced in KPKKT since the beginning of the concession period in 1983 and for Cerul in 1976.

The flexible cutting limit regime differs for Dipterocarp and Non-Dipterocarp.  The minimum cutting limit for Dipterocarp and Non-Dipterocarp is 50 cm and 45 cm dbh respectively.  Basically minimum and split cutting limit is meant to safeguard the environment and to maintain the composition of the Dipterocarp to Non-Dipterocarp in the next and future cuts.  The SMS with its concept of flexible cutting limit gives the option of retaining the required amount of sound residual stands for the next cut and thus minimizing on the need to carry out forest rehabilitation, which can be expensive especially in the more inaccessible hill forest.

The selections of felling regimes or options are based on the pre - felling forest inventory which is carried out 1-2 years before forest harvesting.  After harvesting, a post - felling inventory is carried out to assess the residual stocking and for prescription of silvicultural treatments.

Selective Management System

SMS is a concept of determination the cutting regime (Minimum Cutting Limits) which is flexible to the forest area, sustainable manage the timber production with economically and to ensure the residual standing tree at level of good growth for the next cutting cycle. 



n-2 to n-1

Pre-felling forest inventory of 10% sampling intensity using systematic-line plots to determine appropriate cutting regimes (limits)

n-1 to n

Tree marking incorporating directional felling. No marking of residual trees for retention


Felling of all trees as prescribed

n+1/4 to n+1/2

Forest survey to determine fines on tree unfilled and damage to residuals; and royalty on short logs and tops

n+2 to n+5

Post-felling forest inventory of 10% sampling intensity using systematic-line-plot to determine residual stocking and appropriate silviculture treatments.


Post Felling inventory II of 10% sampling using systematic-line-plot to determine the status of the rehabilitation of the forest

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