Enchroachment & Theft Protection

Protection from Encroachment 
Access to unused forest roads will be blocked or obliterated trough ripping and planting vegetation or through the installation of gates or berms that would reduce the potential for encroachment and wildlife harassment. These measures will be strengthened through regular patrol with the help of the enforcement division of the SFD and the relevant authorities concerned such as the police, army personnel, PERHILITAN,etc.

Diseases Protection

Protection from Pests and Diseases

Under a moist mixed tropical forest condition, serious pests and diseases incidence are a ratity. But they still pose a threat especially when planted materials are used in forest rehabilition and soil reclamation works. Pests and diseases can come from various sources effecting the whole plant from the seed and seedling stage in the nursery right up to maturity in the field, involving almost all parts of a tree and plant's anatomy; from tip of the root in the soil to the shoot above ground. Pests can take the form of insects, rodents, birds and mammals, but by far only insects have been known to pose serious pest problem in our tropical environment. It is a known fact that the occurence and seriousness of the various insect attack or diseases vary from place to place, depending very much on the local environmental condition and management of the nursery and the plantation.

In KPPKT the line of action that will be followed during the planning period would focus on the following:

i) Improvement in Nursery Practice

Because of the ease with which disease spreads among seedling, it is pertinent that nursery conditions be carefully controlled and monitered to ensure that seedlings are successfully and healthily raised before planting out. This can be done through proper drainage or placement of seedling beds on well drained sites and proper watering. Increased spacing distance between seedling rows would also prevent the spread of disease while prompt detection of disease sympton and judical and timely use of fungidices would affect better diesease control.

ii) Improvement in Forest Hygiene

Management of pests and diseases does not deal only with individuals of the pest species and disease carrying agents, but rather in the form of systems that involve many elements or links and their interralations. Improper management of the vegetation and handling of logging wastes, injured trees, soil and other components of the ecosystem would cause deterioration on forest hygiene which will in turn lead to change the population and species composition of pests (e.g. insects and rodents) and disease agent. On the same token, an improper and unimformed application of chemicals to combat pests and diseases would only spell trouble and damage to the project and the environment.

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