Forest Fire Protection

Fire Protection (incl. Detection, Prevention, & Suppression)

Protection from Fire

Just like pest and diseases, fire is uncommon in the moist TRF, particularly in the wet climate of the northeast region of Peninsular Malaysia where the Project Area is located. Howewer, under certain extremely hot and prolonged dry season, fire can cause a serious threat to the safety of live and property. During the plan period, fire management will be given priority by KPKKT, and will be instituted gradually over the years. The control and protection of the concession forest from fire require several important steps that need to be clearly unserstood and followed by the management. These are:

(i) the provision of a good fire plan;
(ii) demarcation of clear and well-defined boundaries;
(iii) establishment of permenant firebreaks;
(iv) provision of standing instruction to staff and workers;
(v) provision of good fire control maps;
(vi) provision of good and working fire fighting equipment;
(vii) establishment of communications channel;
(viii) development of fire risk rating system; and
(ix) provision of training in fire fighting skill for staff and workers.

Sources of Fire

  1. Human Factor - Fire can be caused by the act of human negligentce such as throwing away flaming cigarettes, hunting activities, cooking and others.
  2. Natural Factor – Forest fire can also be triggered from natural events such as from lightnings.
Fire Prevention
  1. Forest burning can be prevented and controlled through monitoring of forest activities.
  2. Construction of sign boards that says “No Smoking”, Do Not Start Fire”, “No Hunting” and “No Burning” in strategic places across the fields.
  3. Public should not be allowed to enter the forest concession area without permission from KPKKT management. Guards should be placed at all entrance to the concession area and unused forest trails or roads should be closed.
  4. Construction of fire obstacles such as roads, swamps, rivers and barriers of 2.5 to 4 meters wide. All forest trails and roads must be kept clean from rubbishes at all times.
  5. The following fire prevention equipments must be provided: portable water tank, water pump, fire extinguishers, water hoses, control tower, etc.
  6. Fire can be prevented if we take precautions and necessary preventive steps.
  7. KPKKT safety and health principles ensures a safe and a peaceful working place for us all.
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