Our Commitment to Total Quality Speaks for Itself

As a significant player in the business of managing the unique natural tropical rainforest (TRF) of Dungun Timber Complex (DTC), located in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia on a sustainable basis, we are committed to maintaining a high quality management of the company and the resources at hands, as well as the natural environment at stake, and delivering best products and services to our clients and relevant stakeholders. Such an uncompromising attitude towards quality has undeniably been pivotal in seeing us surviving in this challenging business over the past 30 years, with our TRFsuccessfully entering into its second 30-year rotation, thanks to our commitment and adherence to the strict protocols of the Malaysian Selective Management System (SMS). Such resolute approach has also earned us recognition and subsequently got our DTC certified under the world-renown Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification scheme as well as that of the Malaysian Timber Certification System (MTCS) as a “well-managed forest”.

Quality Management

The FSC standard for the natural forest calls for compliance with a set of FSC P& C as embodied in a total of 9 Principles and 56 Criteria and covers the whole gamut of Total Quality Management (TQM) geared specifically towards a sustainable management of the natural forests.

At KPKKT, our quality management efforts were made with the following considerations in mind:

Total quality Management and Forest Certification are sweeping “culture change” efforts to position KPKKT for greater customer and stakeholder satisfaction, business profitability and competitiveness, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

  1. Quality Management being defined as managing the entire organization so that it excels on all dimensions of products and services that are important to the customers, authorities and stakeholders.
  2. We are aware that Quality Management is about conformance with the set of standard and certification criteria.
  3. At KPKKT we belief (1)that, given the necessary encouragement, facilities and opportunities, every employee has the capability to solve problems and, accordingly contribute to the organization’s well-being; (2) that the staff being entrusted with a specific duties and responsibilities are in the best position to be able to improve it; and (3) that quality within KPKKT is the obsession and responsibility of all employees and contractors.

Moving Forward

In the face of mounting challenges in doing business internationally, we are confident to be able to continue to “ride the waves” and come out top in the field of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). Our confidence stems out from the following facts:

  1. That Quality always remains at the top of KPKKT corporate agenda and enjoys the full support from the Management.We strive to provide top quality, as perceived by the customers and stakeholders.
  2. Mission Statement – We have clearly-stated mission statement, particularly as regards our SFM mission, namely: (1) Economic of operation and technical feasibility; (2) Environmental friendliness; and (3) Social acceptability and responsibility.
  3. Proper Planning – We plan our work professionally and accordingly, and with the guidance and supervision provided by the relevant authorities and manuals, consultants and certification bodies.
  4. Record keeping and data - We maintain a strong tradition of record keeping and performance monitoring as well as research.
  5. Empowerment – Our Staff and contractors are duly empowered wherever possible and practicable. We are aware that commitment is enhanced when people are informed and involved in decision-making process.
  6. Teamwork and Team Learning are the order of the day at KPKKT. We subscribe to the Japanese axiom: “Quality control starts with training and ends with training.”
  7. Continuous Process Improvement through the adoption of sound technology, particularly in the use of “reduced impact logging (RIL)” technology, soil rehabilitation, and other environmental mitigation measures. Cross-functional management is the major organizational tool in realizing Total Quality Control improvement goals.
  8. Quality improvement is a never-ending journey in which everyone plays: KPKKT Staff, Government agencies, NOGs, Contractors, Suppliers, Transport operators and customers, all of whom are deemed to be parts of KPKKT’s quality process.
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