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As part of its corporate social responsibilities (CSR), the Kumpulan Pengurusan Kayu-Kayan Trengganu Sdn Bhd (KPKKT) and its parent company Golden Pharos Berhad (GPB) are committed to establish a good and harmonious relationship with the local forest-dependent communities living within villages in the vicinity of the Dungun Timber Complex (DTC) concession area as well as the nomadic aboriginal (Orang Asli) peoples who were occasionally found to trespass into and through the DTC.  Any dispute that may arise between these peoples and KPKKT/GPB or their contractors regarding the usage, encroachment, settlement and other forms of trespassing by these peoples into DTC concession area will be addressed through the following procedures.

S.O.P on Conflict Management Involving Forest Dependent Communities

  1. KPKKT field officers (Operation Manager, Logyard Manager, Forest Executives or Forest Supervisors) will make regular visits to the villages and known stop-over points of the nomadic Orang Asli within DTC.  
  2. KPKKT to maintain a record of the villagers and their key personalities.  For the case of the nomadic Orang Asli, very effort will be undertaken to identify their presence and protect/meet their needs.
  3. KPKKT will have regular consultation with the relevant communities to educate them on the need for a sustainable management of forest resources. Encroachment and shifting cultivation practices will be discouraged.
  4. Every visit and discussion with the Villagers and Orang Asli must be recorded. Every outcome, decision and/or complaints highlighted by the villagers and Orang Asli must be recorded and simple matters shall be resolved immediately, whereas more complicated matters shall be forwarded to the higher authorities for their further action.
  5. The villagers/ OA will be informed on the development of the concession areas that may affect their livelihood such as when and where new harvesting to be carried out within their vicinity, the utilization and movement of timber trucks along the road used by the communities concerned within the concession area etc.
  6. In the event of encroachment or resettlement of Orang Asli into the concession area, KPKKT will negotiate with the Tok Batin (Village Head) of the OA to persuade them not to settle within DTC area.  
  7. If direct negotiation or persuasion fails, KPKKT will report/forward the matter to Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) in  Kuala Terengganu city.
  8. Any disputes that may arise and could not be resolved during normal course of negotiation, will be settled through consultation between the community head or representatives, the department of Orang Asli (JHEOA), Department of Forestry and KPKKT/GPB. Once the solution to the dispute has been identified and agreed upon after consultation between all parties concerned, and appropriate actions taken, then the matter is considered resolved.
  9. Key personalities to be involved in the settlement of disputes between OA community and KPKKT/GPB are:
    i. Tok Batin (Head) of Orang Asli or his representatives 
    ii. Officer of Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli Terengganu 
    iii.Officer of Sate/District Forest offices,  and 4) Officer of KPKKT/ GPB. 
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