One of the many objectives of KPKKT beside providing employment and livelihood to the local population is also to play active role in its social obligation to the local population, the people of Terengganu and to the State of Terengganu under the Community Social Responsibilities (CSR). KPKKT is ready and willing to support a CSR programme that would contributed positively to the welfare of the people and enhance their living standard.

KPKKT recognizes and respects the rights of workers and local communities and appreciates their involvement and cooperation in facilitating KPKKT's oreration and in the development of forest management standard. KPKKT also obeys the stakeholders' use rights and a clearly-defined long-term tenure of the forest and acts in compliance with all applicable laws and international treaties. 

KPKKT continues to organize activities for workers such as family day and sport activities, consultation and dialogues with local communities as well as contributes to the development of public amenities for local people. 

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