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In forestry, a majority of the projects are sensitive in that their execution would invariably cause various negative impacts (along with the positive ones) on the ecosystem, the wildlife, surrounding climate, soil and water resources, the nearby residents and forest-dependent communities, etc.  It is not surprising therefore when many of the projects that involve the utilization of the natural resource and attendant manipulation of the environment, increasingly fall under the scrutiny by various parties who demand transparency and disclosure of relevant information.

Under the circumstance, project proponents in the more developed parts of the world often resort to consulting concerned, as a matter of course, either willingly or otherwise in an attempt to claim credibility and maintain good reputation.  Forestry operations which are considered as being environmentally benign and socially acceptable and meet the defined standard of management are recognized as being well-managed and awarded the relevant certificates.

Articles and Reports

  1. Report on 1st Roundtable Consultation Meeting with Malaysian Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations (MENGOs), 12 May 2008
  2. Report on 1st Stakeholder Consultation Meeting with Local Forest Dependent Communities/Villages Living in the Vicinity if Dungun Timber Complex (DTC), 22 May 2008
  3. Report on Stakeholders Consultation With Government Agencies, 2 Aug 2007
  4. Report on Multi-Stateholders Consultation No. 1/2009, 24 March 2009
  5. Paper: Stakeholders Consultation and Its Role in Forest Certification by Borhan MohdW.M.Suhaimi Wan Aziz
  6. Paper: Aspects of Stakeholders Consultation in Forest Management - KPKKT's Experience. By: Borhan Mohd
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